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Bruce Porter is working with Latter Day Travel as an Educator and Guide. If you desire to travel with Bruce click here to see the scheduled tours and cruises hosted by Bruce Porter through Latter Day Travel.

Put Together Your Own Private Tour for Families and Family Reunions, Friends, Ward or Stake Members hosted and guided by Bruce Porter.


Porter Tours offers  "Private Tours" for individuals who may want to put a special tour or group together for; families, organizations, church groups or friends from wards or stakes as well as youth and single adult groups.

Private tours are an excellent way to save money on your group tours and cruises. There are fixed costs in every tour that are divided between those participating in the tour. An individual or group that will organize the private tours eliminates the company costs of advertising and marketing specific tours, thus, saving substantial costs to the participants.

When organizing private tours there are a few things that should be kept in mind:

The number of participants makes a difference as many costs are priced by the day. For example, a bus that costs $1500.00 per day for a 10-day tour would be $15,000,00.  If the tour had 20 participants (10 couples) the bus would cost $75.00 per person per day or $750.00 per person for the 10-day tour. With 50 people (25 couples) the bus cost would drop to $30.00 per day or $300.00 per person for the 10-day tour. The bus cost per day will be the same, so the number of participants will make a significant difference in the cost of the tour. Likewise, double occupancy in a hotel room will be less expensive per person than a single person in a room as the cost of the room is divided by two. There are also group rates available in hotels, attractions, and entry fees when the number meets the specific requirements for discounts.


Church History tours with large groups can save a substantial amount of costs as you reach the capacity of the bus. (50 people). Tours to Bible Lands such as Egypt Israel, Turkey, Greece, Rome can also be organized for private groups and families. Choose your destination and duration for price.

For those interested in setting up a guided or unguided tour for your group, family, or organization, please contact us using the form below.

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Not all tours will have the same ratio of savings as U. S. and Church History tours. European, Middle East, and Mediterranean tours are priced differently than U.S.-based tours.
Cruises can be priced with personal and private excursions with private buses and guides at each port which is usually less expensive than the ship's excursion prices. There may also be pre-cruise or post-cruise tours available for the ports of embarkation or debarkation.