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Porter - "The Threshing Floor of Faith"

The 'chapter' articles below are written to address the falling away of youth and adults from the Church.

They are listed in the order that they should be read, however each chapter can stand alone as a separate article. Here they are free, However, the hard copy book may be purchased at the Bookstore on this site under the title of "The Threshing Floor of Faith"

These are in PDF format so it may take a few seconds to download

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There is a movement today affecting the Latter-day Saint youth and seasoned adults causing many to fall away from the faith of their fathers. Part One of The "Threshing Floor of Faith" takes a look into the causes of this spiritual calamity that has or will affect almost every family in the Church. Often parents cannot understand why active children are choosing to leave their faith with a distrust for the Church and priesthood leaders. Many adults are also falling away disgruntled with the Church organization that was restored by revelation and the Prophet Joseph Smith. There are questions being presented and asked that seem to be unanswerable, yet, there are answers found in scripture.


Part Two will address some of the questions that seem to be at the center of this falling away. Questions such as: Cain, Abel and the Priesthood, Women and the Priesthood, Same Sex Attraction, Science and Scripture, Translations of the Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon, The Standard of Scripture and others.

"The Threshing Floor of Faith" will use the Standard Works to present information and doctrine that could be used for a lasting and enduring testimony, not only in Christ but also the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that was restored and organized to administer His Gospel.

Read the "Threshing Floor" 

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