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Call to Book:  801-417-7868   Al Jesen - Bruce Porter September 2021 Book of Mormon Lands Tour

Book of Mormon Lands
Al Jensen Private Tour 

2021--Thursday, September 16  -  Saturday, September 25 --2021

Nephi, Moroni, Joseph Smith, & You

Discover the connections between the Prophets, Nephi and Moroni; The Land of Promise, Joseph Smith Jr. and You. 

Flag temple ship.jpg

Visit the site of the landing of the Puritans and Pilgrims as they escaped religious oppression and founded a nation and Constitution that secured 'religious freedom'. Visit the first halls of congress where the Constitution was drafted and signed by the founding fathers providing the rights and protections that were lacking in their European homelands that were governed by 'state religions'. We will visit the sites and rehearse the events of the Restoration, for which purpose, this nation was established according to prophecy for the establishment of Zion, and the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ. We will visit the site of the first Temple of this dispensation where the heavens were opened and knowledge, truths, and 'keys' were committed to Joseph Smith necessary to administer the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

From a 'Reformation' in 1520 to the Pilgrims landing in 1620, to the First Vision in 1820 to You in 2021. We will visit the Lands of the Book of Mormon where the promises and prophecies were recorded that connect the Promised Land of the Nephites to the sites that we will visit on this tour.  With us will be special guides and teachers; Bruce H. Porter, and Wayne May, experts in scripture and the Hopewell Culture. You will be truly surprised when you let the evidence speak for itself.


CALL TODAY  801-417-7868


Day 5

Monday, September 20

This morning we will begin our trip from Palmyra to Kirtland Ohio, making a stop at the 'narrow neck of land' for a wonderful view of Niagara Falls.  As we come to Kirtland we will begin with a stop at the Morley Farm and the Historic Kirtland Temple where the restoration of Priesthood keys were given to the Prophet Joseph Smith as they were on the Mount of Transfiguration to  Peter, James and John that were to organize the Church over 2000 years ago.... 


Over half of the Sections in the Doctrine and Covenants were received during the Kirtland time period, and multiple visions of the Father and the Son were seen here as a second witness to the truths of the Godhead revealed to Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove. Wayne May will be joining our group here as the rest of the trip will be a lively discussion and field trip to the remnants of the Nephite culture as described by Joseph Smith and others. We will overnight in Mentor OH. Perhaps time permitting we could have dinner at Mary Yoders, in the Amish town close by.


Day 1

Thursday, September 16

Today you depart for Philadelphia (PHL) and overnight at an Airport Hotel. 

(Dp 12:10pm Phoenix - Arrive Philadelphia 7:56pm). 




Day 4

Sunday, September 19

This morning we will fly from Boston to Rochester NY (BOS-ROC) Departing at 730am - Arriving at 8:57 am. Our bus will then take us to Palmyra, the Smith Family Farm, and spend a few minutes in the Sacred Grove after a short discussion. We will visit the Grandin Press and Hill Cumorah. In the afternoon we will visit the Peter Whitmer Farm where the Church officially was organized. 





Day 7

Wednesday, September 22

Today we’ll explore the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum in Coshocton, Ohio that houses the famous “Holy Stones” found in a Hopewell mound near Newark, Ohio inscribed in ancient Hebrew. One artifact has written in Hebrew all of the 'Ten Commandments. We will also visit the Newark earthworks built by the Hopewell Civilization and dating between 150 BC and 250 AD. This will be our first introduction to the form of construction as described in the book of Alma introduced by Captian Moroni. We will overnight in Columbus OH


Day 8

Thursday, September 23

Today we will see the Hopewell earthwork sites in Mound City National Park, and also visit Fort Ancient, another hill-top fortress with miles of embankments and trenches as described in Alma. We will also see the famous effigy mound – Serpent Mound before driving to dinner and our hotel overnighting in Columbus OH.


Day 9

Friday, September 24

Today we will continue touring  Hopewell (Nephite) sites in Ohio with our expert guide Wayne May making a few stops that will not only inspire but excite the child that moves through your mind. Overnight in Columbus in prep for our early morning flight home tomorrow.


Day 10

Saturday, September 25

Flight Home from Columbus OH (CMH) 7am - Ariving in Phoenix at 8:04a

Sacred Grove.png

Day 6

Tuesday, September 21

Today we will visit Historic Kirtland and Visitor Center.  We will see homes reconstructed like the Newel K. Whitney Store where the School of the Prophets took place and the travel to the John Johnson Farm where Section 76 of the D&C was revealed concerning the Three Degrees of Glories. We will head south and overnight in Canton. 


Day 2

Friday, September 17

Today we will tour historical Philadelphia where the Birth of a Nation took place necessary for the Restoration to take place. We will visit Liberty Square, The Ben Franklin home and post office, Liberty Bell, and a special tour of the Masonic Temple. George Washington's Masonic apron is on display here and we will be able to visit the Egyptian, Greek, Roman rooms set up similar to the Assembly rooms in Latter-day Temples. To save a full day bus ride, we will fly from Philadelphia to Boston this evening and overnight at a hotel near the airport. (PHL-BOS) Depart Philadelphia at 915pm - Arrive in Boston 10:50pm.


Day 3

Saturday, September 18

Today will be a treat as we visit Plimoth Plantation & the Monument to our Forefathers, explained by Leo Martin. There will be time to walk through the Mayflower II, and perhaps have a crab or lobster meal on the Plymouth Pier. We will return to our hotel for the night for an early flight to Rochester NY in the Morning that will save us a full day's bus ride.


Because of the departure date for this tour and the flight reservations that need to be made,

signup and deposits need to be received ASAP to reserve our seats, especially between Philadelphia and Boston and Boston and Rochester.

CALL TODAY  801-417-7868



Tell the reservation desk that you want to sign up for the Book of Mormon Al Jensen-Bruce Porter Private Tour offered on September 16th.  The price of $3395.00 per person is based on double occupancy.

Included in the Price:

--All Airfare Round trip from your home hub and return.

--All internal trip Flights: Philadelphia to Boston and Boston to Rochester.

--All air-conditioned buses and transfers.

--All hotel rooms and breakfast at the hotels before departure.

--All entrance fees.

--Special hosts and guides: Bruce Porter, and Wayne May.

Special, Special, Special

--Traveling with Al Jensen

Not Included:

--Lunches and evening meals.

--Extra airline luggage costs for the flights.

CALL TODAY  801-417-7868


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