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A Lamb Prepared

Bruce H. Porter



The verses below were written as a result of the many times I have visited the Holy Land.   These sites and the events that took place there have brought many scriptures to  mind as I would often rehearse the events of days long past.  These same scriptures have come to my mind during the many sacrament meetings as do the places and events the sacrament songs describe.  Each line below is based in a line or verse of scripture, and some lines are directly from the scriptures themselves, others paraphrased.  The words are not mine, and I claim no poetical talent.  Any credit or inspiration belongs to the inspired prophets who authored the scriptures and have born witness of the mission of Jesus Christ, to which I add my testimony also.



A Lamb prepared in heaven’s realms,
God chose His Only Son.
Atonement infinite and true,
A work that must be done.

"Thy will, not mine" the Lamb declared 
Chosen before this earth,
Atonement made before the fall
A death for our rebirth.


The condescension of a God
Into mortality.
A humble birth within a cave,
To hang upon a tree.


A Sacrifice that’s infinite,
An offering is made.
Of man or beast it could not be,
By God it must be paid.


The drops of blood that stain the rocks
Within Gethsemane.
The resurrection promised, through
The death at Calvary.


The Blood was shed for mercy’s sake
The price that ransomed sin,
The body laid aside for man
That all might live again.


The bands of death are broken now
He died that all might live,
The chains of hell are ever loosed 
Eternal life to give.


Unto this end The Christ was born
For death and sin to pay,
To seal me His eternally
To live with Him someday.


Though my sins might be as scarlet,
Forgiveness yet I’ll know.
My garments washed in sacred blood,
White as the driven snow.


In confidence that waxes strong,
I’ll grasp His holy hand,
Into His presence enter in,
Before His throne to stand.


Encircled in His arms of love,
Atonement now fulfilled.
To be an heir, at one with God,
The second death is healed.


For a offering that’s sinless,
God gave His Only Son
That through the sacrifice of Christ,
The Father’s will is done.



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