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“The words of the prophets cannot be held to the tentative and defective tests that men have devised for them. Science, philosophy, and common sense all have a right to their day in court. But the last word does not lie with them. Every time men in their wisdom have come forth with the last word, other words have promptly followed. The last word is a testimony of the gospel that comes only by direct revelation. Our Father in heaven speaks it, and if it were in perfect agreement with the science of today, it would surely be out of line with the science of tomorrow. Let us not, therefore, seek to hold God to the learned opinions of the moment when he speaks the language of eternity."

Hugh Nibley



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The Resource pages contain information, texts, and sources sometimes used during classes and presentations by Bruce H. Porter based on the scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Scriptures are the standard by which all truth should be judged, and they should be used in determining the value of the material found here.  This site is always in a state of improvement as articles and research papers are being added on a continual basis.
The "file cabinet" is a place where material and information has been compiled and presented for reading and research and is not meant to be a doctrinal cafe where all information should be considered pure and perfect. It is assumed that the reader will have adequate knowledge and understanding of Latter-day Saint scripture and doctrine sufficient to separate and strain false opinion and error from the truth found in the Standard Works.  Many of the concepts contained herein may conflict with the learning, understanding, beliefs, and interpretations of the student or reader, based on their knowledge and education and the 'filters' through which they view their religion, doctrine, and scripture.
This research section will contain scripture references, articles, and varying commentaries on different passages of scripture and subjects for the student and readers' review and consideration. There will be found here many documents and texts used in the classes as reference materials, as well as research compilations by different individuals and scholars. These may be downloaded and copied for personal use and study and may not be used for sale, profit, or financial gain.

The concepts and commentaries presented within this site do not represent the "Official  Doctrine" of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The information, organization, and presentation of these materials are the sole responsibility of B. H. Porter as an individual and not as any church official or priesthood leader. It must be kept in mind that many of these articles are not written by Latter-day Saints and therefore may not reflect L.D.S. thinking or doctrine on a given subject or scripture. The material is presented only for additional points of view, opinion, and individual research.


It should also be kept in mind that many of the articles or commentaries by L.D.S. authors may, or may not, agree with current doctrines, philosophies, opinions, traditions, or interpretations of or by, the general membership of the Church or priesthood leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Once again it should be stressed that all articles contained herein are to be used for personal research and study and not for financial gain.  The material compiled and found here does not necessarily represent the opinion or beliefs of Bruce H. Porter, nor do the written statements of any author that may be included in this site or in any article, imply his endorsement or support, as truth and doctrine. The 'file cabinet' is like a library where; good, bad, true, false, awesome, unbelievable and extraodinary thoughts might be found.


Private and Scheduled Tours with Bruce Porter

Some people dream of traveling. Its time to make those dreams come true.
Church History


Many of the Church History tours begin in Philadelphia or Boston as the Restoration is connected to the establishment of the 'Gentile nation' that must be 'free'. Church History land tours range from Sharon Vermont to Council Bluffs and all points in between. Every tour will have an educator and host aboard the bus to teach and explain the important events of the Restoration. From the birthplace of Joseph Smith to the Sacred Grove and the Smith family farm near Palmyra. From the Hill Cumorah to Harmony, and the Kirtland Temple, where the keys of the kingdom were given to the young Prophet. We will follow the movement of the Saints as they leave Kirtland and make their way to Nauvoo the beautiful. A visit to Adam-ondi-Ahman, the Liberty Jail, and the Temple sites of Far West and Independence are highlighted. From the Center Stake of Zion to Mt. Pisgah and the Temple at Council Bluffs.



Cruising with a purpose more than doubles the benefits when you receive an Education Week at Sea with Brother Porter, ensuring a fun and educational experience. You can relax onboard as classes and discussions are offered for those who want to attend during the 'sea days' that will inspire you to learn and study the scriptures more. These educational opportunities will be worth the cost of the Cruise alone, not to mention the Excursions you may participate in. Bruce will accompany you on many of the excursions to add to your learning experience and assist you along the way.

Biblical World


Discover the lands of the Bible and visit the sites of both the Old and New Testaments, focusing on the Life of Christ. Every hill, every stone has a story to tell as a testimony of the inspired historicity of the Bible. You will never read the scriptures the same as your mind and memory will take you to the sites again and again. Often there are pre and post-tours offered of Egypt or Petra that will add to your understanding of the Biblical time period.  Your host, Bruce Porter will provide scriptural insights that will enlighten your minds with explanations that will seem to open the scriptures. In Egypt, you will discover how and why the gospel could be found in the ancient religion of Egypt.

The goal is to provide the best experience at the best price providing you with not just a tour or cruise, but an experience that will not be forgotten. We seek to offer and provide a fun and educational opportunity that will touch your heart, your mind, and your spirit.