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The Setting for The Book of Mormon

Discover the political and prophetic message of a book written for our time and place in history. Discover why the Nephite prophets living on the promised land of The Book of Mormon wanted to warn the "Gentile Nation" that would be living in the same land in the 'last days'. Learn why we should understand the third intrinsic message of this sacred text; "The Everlasting Decree" of the Lord, a decree that is connected to the Land itself, a decree that will guarantee our faith and freedom or will prove The Book of Mormon to be a historical prophecy of the loss of the 'faith, and freedom of our families.

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Just off the press. "Adam, Eve and the Gospel" takes a look at the question: When did the first parents receive the Gospel? Tradition and opinion seem to insist that they knew and understood the Gospel before the fall. Letting Adam and Eve speak for themselves may surprise the reader. The second part of this book takes a scriptural look at why Cain was restricted in the administration of the Priesthood and how the "Declaration" of 1978 was a fulfillment of prophecy.

Just off the press. The long-awaited Second part or Part II of "A Pearl of Great Price Study Guide". This book contains the transcriptions of the class discussions on The Book of Abraham, JS Matthew 24, and the Joseph Smith History. These discussions are enlightening as we review the doctrines taught in these scriptures and the teachings of Joseph Smith connected to them. There will be some surprises and thought-provoking concepts.